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Photography is art, architecture is art. Both combined are great.

Philip Vogt Photodesign is a professional photo studio for architectural and advertising photography based in Esslingen am Neckar. Images of buildings by the world's most renowned architects have been part of Philip Vogt Photodesign's portfolio for many years.


"We photograph your objects in an impressive way - exactly the way you deserve it."

Do you need impressive images of an object? Please feel free to contact us. We develop a strategy with the best cost-benefit factor for you as a customer.



Portfolio and current work

Here you can see our current work. Selecting the images opens a detailed view in which you can view further images.

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Philip Vogt is an experienced architectural photographer and will do everything to ensure that the customer's wishes are fully fulfilled. I bring my passion and experience to every property. I know how to turn a client's vision into a photographic work of art. To find out more about Philip Vogt Photodesign's services, please feel free to Contact us.



Professional service

When it comes to presenting the external beauty of a building in clear, simple and yet engaging images, Philip Vogt relies on the essential basic elements of expressive photography: light and design. For him, these two components are not only tools, but also artist's brushes with which he highlights the unique characteristics of each building in a fascinating way.


Everything you need

Philip Vogt dedicates himself to capturing the atmosphere and emotions of the subjects in his photographs. Each image is delivered in impressive resolution to make the subject an unforgettable experience. If you would like to find out more about his interior photography, do not hesitate to contact Philip Vogt.



With an unmistakable style

All created works are retouched and edited by the in-house image editors. This ranges from simple retouching work to remove distracting elements to complex image montages from different partial exposures to create a perfect image result/image experience. Contrasts and colors are adjusted for atmospheric, harmonious image results.


Philip Vogt Photo Design

Schlösslesweg 48-50

73732 Esslingen am Neckar

Thank you for your inquiry. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Philip Vogt Photo Design

Schlösslesweg 48-50, 73732 Esslingen am Neckar

​Managing Director: Philip Vogt

VAT ID number: DE296592687

Telephone: +49 (0) 176 24 39 71 83



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